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Hörmann Industrial Sectional Door SPU F42

Building doors must not only be extremely sturdy, they must also have good thermal insulation characteristics. Hörmann’s SPU F42 door is a proven sectional door made of steel sections that optimally fulfils these requirements. Thanks to a combination of steel and PU rigid foam, the door leaf is both robust and insulating.

Hörmann Sectional Garage Door DSU

The decision for more beauty, safety and convenience was exactly right. Choose from an array of options to match the architecture of your home and enjoy the quality experience. All doors are equipped with a door operator that is virtually maintenance-free and provides you with the latest in engineering excellence.

Hörmann Industrial Rolling Shutter DRU

Hörmann has decisively improved its rolling shutters with the Decotherm profile. A combination of thoroughly optimized profile geometry with a special steel alloy shows what is possible today in rolling shutter construction. All the essential shutter components, such as profiles, side guides, support brackets, fittings, and control technology are developed and produced by Hörmann. All the structural components and equipment for each shutter are calculated on a job-oriented basis.

Hörmann offers internal and external high-speed doors along with operating, controlling and safety equipment.
This product is made for buildings with contrast temperatures and/or steril environment, in order to open and close in a fast and safe way. Hörmann high speed doors work fast and quietly and are always reliable.

For more information, please see the brochure: "Industrial doors and loading technology - One week delivery"