The transparent solution for every door opening.

Double-action doors and strip curtains

Double-action doors

Double-action doors – the flexible door solution

Hörmann Flex double-action doors are designed for use in buildings with normal forklift traffic. The double-action doors are delivered completely pre-assembled for simple fitting. The size of the door should be twice as wide as and 500 mm higher than the transported goods.

Strip curtains

Strip curtains – minimal energy loss

Hörmann´s Flex strip curtains are especially suitable for use as inexpensive doors for large warehouse openings. The durable UPVC strips seal to a large extent and only open up to the width of the vehicle or load. This reduces temperature loss to a minimum, even with heavy through traffic, thus saving energy. The first-class transparency of the Flex strip curtains improves lighting conditions and reduces lighting costs. Suitable for use in production of foods or medication and in cold store areas.