Teaser Entrance gate operators

Entrance gate operators - Exciting convenience and convincing security

Our bi-directional, high-security BiSecur radio system is based on future-oriented technology that allows you to conveniently and safely operate garage doors, entrance gates, lights and much more. Functions are operated using exclusive hand transmitters. Querying the door position is an especially convenient feature: you can see if your door is open or closed at the press of a button.

With a remote-controlled operator, your entrance gate becomes convenient, the way you expect it to be. Naturally, it needs to be a special operator, a high-quality product you can depend on day after day: for your new entrance gate or to retrofit an existing hinged gate or sliding gate.

You no longer have to go out in all kinds of weather to check that your garage door is closed. At the press of a button, the colour of the LED on the HS 5 BS hand transmitter indicates the position of the door. If required, another push of a button* closes the door.

The adjacent catalogue provides comprehensive information and, of course, your Hörmann partner would be happy to give you individual advice.

Good reasons to try Hörmann entrance gate operators


Automatic cut-out

Hörmann entrance gate operators work reliably during all opening and closing phases. The gate stops immediately if it encounters an obstacle. Non-contact photocells to detect persons or objects provide additional safety. They can be easily integrated in our elegant safety key switch post and placed near the entrance to monitor the area of travel of your hinged or sliding gate.


Soft start and soft stop

Hörmann entrance gate operators open quietly and reliably. The gate opens without a jolt and gently brakes before fully closing. This protects the gate and operator and does not disturb your neighbours.


Top quality

High-quality entrance gate operators from Hörmann are decidedly robust, ensuring that they can remain in good mechanical condition over the long run. Weather-resistant and lasting material ensures long-term function. Our RotaMatic version also comes with integral heating for use in especially cold regions.

Certified security

With a stable, interference-free range

The newly developed, extremely secure BiSecur encryption protocol makes sure that no-one can copy your radio signal. It has been tested and certified by security experts at the Bochum University and has the same high security level as online banking.

Award-winning design

Exclusive hand transmitters

The new, exclusive BiSecur hand transmitters are set apart by a black or white high-gloss surface in a piano lacquer look, as well as by an elegant shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters have been awarded a design prize by an international jury.

Figure above: HS 5 BS hand transmitter with optional hand transmitter station.