Teaser High-Speed Doors

High-Speed Doors from Hörmann Middle East - with FU control as standard

Hörmann high speed doors are used inside and outside. High speed doors optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. With the ability to close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations which inevitably result from having an open gap between one area and another – this is true whether you want to keep the area in question cold or warm.

The Hörmann range includes both vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with a flexible or solid curtain. They are also available in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with powerful, service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminium profiles.

All Hörmann high speed doors come with a powerful frequency converter control (FU) as standard. This considerably extends the lifespan of the door’s working parts.

Innovative production processes that have been matched perfectly with each other are a guarantee for steadily increasing product quality. An example: the modern hot air welding system that enables a precise and automated welding of the door curtains.

Without on-going development and improvements by our highly-qualified technicians as well as comprehensive knowledge of all the market requirements, efficient high-speed door designs of a recognised high standard would not be possible.

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