Teaser Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates - Self-supporting construction, high security, completely pre-assembled

Hörmann sliding gates made of stable steel profiles are delivered as a complete element with a maximum opening width of 12 metres. Thus, with systems closing in opposite directions, a width of 24 metres can be attained. The construction is self-supporting. Your advantages: very little foundation work, no side guide fitting, no door travel malfunctions due to ice, snow or heavy soiling.

Pre-tensioning the gate leaf construction reduces the distortion. A tension element allows the height of the front edge to be corrected retroactively. The gate leaf is precisely positioned in the entrance.

In case of power failure, you can quickly and easily switch the gate from electric to emergency operation. Then the gate can be opened or closed in manual emergency operation with very little effort.

You can choose between 7 standard colours as well as special colours available on request.

Good reasons to try Hörmann sliding gates

Additional aluminium guide rollers

Additional aluminium guide rollers*

Aluminium guide rollers* are attached on the top edge of the gate leaf on both sides of the gate, preventing direct contact between the track rollers and the highquality gate coating. This preserves the gate's attractive look.

* Included in the scope of delivery with type HS, optionally available with type HSS/HS Alu.

Safe automatic control

Safe automatic control

Five self-monitoring closing edge safety devices stop the gate instantly – even on encountering the slightest resistance. This ensures the highest safety for persons and vehicles.

Safe control electronics

Safe control electronics

The electronic control system is integrated into the post. It is located on the yard side. To carry out maintenance or adjustment work, the front flap must only be unlocked. An individually coded hand transmitter makes opening the sliding gate from the vehicle especially convenient for the drivers in your company vehicle fleet. This is a great advantage for frequently used gates.

A powerful electronic system for all control functions

  • Contact strip evaluation
  • Radio control
  • Card reader system
  • Automatic timed opening / closing
  • Induction loops
  • Photocells
  • Display: Open, Close, Gate travelling