Teaser Sportshall Doors

Ready to Fit Sports Hall Doors from Hörmann Middle East

The Hörmann sportshall door complies with the German accident prevention regulations for schools ("Schulen") of the German statutory accident insurance (GUV), regulation S1. The door is bounce-resistant in accordance with DIN 18032 and approved by the "Forschungs- und Materialprüfungsanstaltfür das Bauwesen, Stuttgart (FMPA)". The door frame consists of stable rectangular tubes with horizontal reinforcement struts and is optimally equipped for on-site infill. Counter weights and buffer stops ensure safe and very easy door operation.

The door does not swing out when opening, nor does it protrude into the hall when it is opened. It closes flush with the hall wall. The recessed handle has been embedded to prevent injuries.In order to rule out foot injuries, the bottom edge of the door has been equipped with an elastic trap protection over the entire width (80 mm high).The track cladding is shock-resistant.